Salonwearbysusan Presents The Stylists Jacket
The Stylist's Jacket



Meet Susan

Susan has worked as a stylist and colorist for more than thirty years. She knows from personal experience that harsh chemicals damage clothing. Like most styling professionals, she frequently tossed her clothes in the rubbish at the end of the week.

As a salon owner, Susan was always concerned about her staff's appearance. After all, stylists must maintain a high standard of grooming - looking good is a tool of the trade! For years, she searched for a smock that would enhance the hairdressers' image.

After years of market research and trying different smocks, Susan decided to design her own. Her Unisex Stylist's Jacket is constructed with quality fabric and manufactured in the USA. Easy care and reasonable price make "The Stylist's Jacket" a must have garment.