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Bob Mann, aka Dr. Volks, is a VW and Audi Master Technician and TDI Specialist with over 35 years of experience.

tdilogoBob is listed on as a trusted TDI Mechanic. He is also known for his CNG conversions and is a consultant for Patrick Racing.

Bob uses OEM parts and the biggest vendor of TDI parts is right around the corner.. no waiting for parts deliveries. Bob has access to the top people in the world… if he can’t fix your problem, he knows someone who can.


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Bob answers questions from car owners all across the country.
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Find Dr Volks at 111 High St, Pembroke, MA

Look for the VW sign at the end of my driveway

What are people saying?

I get calls and emails from all over the US (and even one from Mexico!) asking for advice. Dr Volks is a name you can trust with your VW and Audi repairs. Read more on my TESTIMONIALS page.
  • "I use Bob for my TDI repairs and I use the Jetta CNG loaner car when my TDI is in his shop. I am tempted to convert my car to CNG because his Jetta CNG runs very strong and smooth on CNG. I reduce my cost to drive the car with CNG and it costs less than $3 to fill the CNG! It’s quieter and provides more power, not to mention it is cleaner. The Jetta he has created is a very strong CNG car!"
  • "I recently purchased a 2000 VW Beetle from Bob. He was extremely knowledgeable about VW’s and informed me of everything he did to the car. He was patient while I was waiting for a reply for my loan which took a couple of days. I went to his website and put the money to hold the bug until I was able to make the 2 hr trip back to his shop to pick it up. Overall, Bob is a person of his word and very trustworthy. I will be making the 2hr trip to him when it is service time for my car. In the future I will be considering having him install his CNG kit in my car. Since I have had the car, I have put about 1300 miles on it with no complaints at all. I love driving it because its such a fun car to drive! Thank you for the exceptional service Bob!"
  • "Very fair price quoted up front for an injector pump replacement, and he did exactly what he said he’d do for the quoted price, within one day. That could not have been easy, based on the number of cars he had lined up when I visited. Add the free loaner car, and I am happy I drove my TDI 40 miles to have it fixed by Dr Volks!"


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