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I had a semi-emergency situation this week. On my way to work Monday, my U-joints started making a horrible noise and I thought I was going to have to give AAA a call. However, I checked the Trusted Mechanics listings in the area and found Mr. Volks - Bob Mann only a few minutes away.He got me in immediately and even set me up with a loaner vehicle while he got my Passat back in shape. I picked it up today and the work was top notch. Bob's the Real Deal, very accommodating and very easy to work with.Thanks again Bob!"
After having my 2001 mis diagnosed at other service stations, I researched and found Bob Mann in Pembroke. I will never go anywhere else as long as I'm a Volkswagen owner.Bob Mann is is the real deal. He's easy to work with, explains what he's doing and has fair prices. Along with all that he offers a "loaner car" if he needs to work on my car for a while.Every time I need work done I feel confident that the work he has done was needed and done correctly.Bob is honest, friendly and very knowledgable. I'm so happy that I found him!!
"Bob got my car in the very next morning, diagnosed the problem and informed me of what was going on. He promptly took care of a small issue I had and told me I could wait on my other repairs until inspection time after the holidays, so I will definitely be retuning in the near future to square away the rest of the problems with the car. Having an Audi I would much prefer to go here than the very overpriced dealership to get the same service. 
TDI Club member
Hello everyone, I just wanted to leave some good feedback about my new VW mechanic Bob Mann aka DR. VOLKS. He has a small shop in Pembroke, MA. He is extremely knowledgeable and courteous!!! I can't say enough good about him!!But anyway, last year in Jan 2015 I was looking on Craigslist for a daily commuter car that was fuel efficient when I came across Bob's ad for a 2000 VW Beetle TDI. I called him got the information on it and was interested so my cousin and I made the 1hr 45min trip down from NH. We got there met Bob, looked at the car, and I liked it. Was just what I was looking for! Bob had gone through the car very thoroughly, replacing the front and rear brakes, timing belt and water pump, and some other serviceable things!! Car started right up no hesitation!! I was surprised at how nice it rode when I took it for the test drive!! It's my first VW!! I always had Fords. Bob informed me that the clutch was still good but should be replaced in about 12k-15k miles which I had no problems with. Just kept an eye on it. When the money part of the deal came up, I explained to him that I was waiting on a personal loan but could put some money down to hold it. He told us about his website and that I could put money down there, which I did when I got home. 2 days went by and I got my loan!! I called Bob to let him know and paid the remaining balance when my cousin and I went down with the trailer to pick up the bug!!Fast forward 1yr 3 mos and 25k miles later and still loving the bug!! I decided it was time to call Bob to set up a time to bring the bug in for the clutch!!! It was getting hard to get into gear and the clutch was releasing on the floor so I knew it was time!!! I think 25 isn't too shabby since I got an extra 10k out of it!! But anyway, I called Bob told him it was time and he said to drop it off. I brought it down and left it for the week. I also had him change the fuel filter and check or replace the front strut bushings. He got everything done and even replaced swaybar bushings thatwe're not looking too healthy. He used all VW OEM parts since I'm not really looking to do any major performance upgrades!! May do a tune eventually though.Bob called me on Saturday morning and said it was done. Said I could pay through his website, which is what I did. When I picked up my bug, Bob was outside and greeted me with a smile and informed me of the work he did.I was very happy with the new clutch!! And it handles a bit better now with the bushings replaced!! But most of all I'm very happy with the exceptional service Bob provides!! He is a no BS straight forward type of guy!!! I have had questions when I got my bug that I called Bob to ask and he gave me answers that were helpful!!I very highly recommend Bob Mann aka DR. VOLKS for excellent work and service if you need it and are in the Eastern MA area!! Bobmannauto.com drvolks.comThank you BobBobP.S. I'm very picky about who works on my vehicles since I do most work myself. Except on the VW which I'm still learning about!!
Very fair price quoted up front for an injector pump replacement, and he did exactly what he said he’d do for the quoted price, within one day. That could not have been easy, based on the number of cars he had lined up when I visited. Add the free loaner car, and I am happy I drove my TDI 40 miles to have it fixed by Dr Volks!
George V.
Bob Mann aka Dr Volks was friendly, highly knowledgeable, and honest. Three quality's you rarely find in a mechanic. He did a suspension upgrade and a performance tune of my ecu, on my 2010 jsw. I am extremly pleased with the work he did and I will be bringing my TDI back!
Benjamin T.
Brought in my 2013 GTI to have the cam chain tensioner replaced based on a vw tsb.. Bob new exactly what I needed and quoted the work precisely. He got my car done when he said it would be done. If you love your VWs and need great service for a reasonable rate, I definitely recommend Dr. Volks!
"Very good visit. The car needed less than was expected. The cost was very good. Bob explained the issues clearly. 
My 2001 Jetta TDI just started running like a turtle. Local dealer advised I needed a new turbo, which would cost me almost as much as the KBB of the car! I searched the TDI forums and found Dr Volks. I called Bob and he practically diagnosed the issue over the phone and advised I didn't need a new turbo. Bob Mann was honest and went through my car fixed my turbo, replaced my water pump and a few other things for thousands less than replacing the turbo. My TDI is running top notch and ready for the next 100K! Thank You – so worth the 75 miles each way to get such comprehensive service.
We bought a 1999 VW Passat from Bob a few years ago. He had re-done the engine and it ran like new. It was a nice ride for our teenage sons. Unfortunately, last week it was the victim of a head on collision with a drunk driver. The car's front end was absolutely demolished, but our two sons were able to walk away with only minor injuries. The car did its job admirably! Thanks to Bob for the work that he did on the car so that it could keep our kids safe. We'll definitely be giving Mr. Volks a call for a replacement car!
Dealer was quoting us some astronomical price to replace our TDI's malfunctioning turbo. Bob Mann Auto was able to resurrect our turbo and perform a number of other tasks (water pump, timing belt, etc) at 1/3 the dealer's quote to just replace the turbo. This was several months ago and the car continues to run magically. No issues. The loaner vehicle (as much as a beater as it was) was a nice touch and very useful for us.
"Bob is a an expert on VW/Audi and did a great job with my TDI. He is honest and I would recommend him to anyone."
Leanne P

I recently purchased a 2000 VW Beetle from Bob. He was extremely knowledgeable about VW’s and informed me of everything he did to the car. He was patient while I was waiting for a reply for my loan which took a couple of days. I went to his website drvolks.com and put the money to hold the bug until I was able to make the 2 hr trip back to his shop to pick it up. Overall, Bob is a person of his word and very trustworthy. I will be making the 2hr trip to him when it is service time for my car. In the future I will be considering having him install his CNG kit in my car. Since I have had the car, I have put about 1300 miles on it with no complaints at all. I love driving it because its such a fun car to drive! Thank you for the exceptional service Bob!

We have 3 VW's – 2 are TDI's over twelve years old and they wouldn't be running like a top at 200,000k+ miles without Bob Mann. Best VW mechanic period – wish we found him 5 years ago as he would have saved us thousands!

Bob is a stand up guy. I found him by chance on the club web site. He’s helped me despite the fact that I’m thousands of miles away and will unlikely be able to do business with him in the near future. I will based on his knowledge and willingness to help recommend him to anyone. Times the way they are it’s tough to find good folks. Based on my limited interaction I can tell Bob is just that.
Just had bob do my 40k mile service on my 2011 Jetta 2.0. Bob got the work done quick and correctly. He also uses good quality parts. He primarily works on TDIs but took my car in and did the job anyways.This is the best TDI mechanic to go to in the area. Would recommend him any day.
Dr. Volks: Bob Mann Auto in Pembroke, Mass gets a shout out.He just did timing belt, cleaned turbo and EGR/Intake valves. Car runs much better. (02 Jetta with 175K)Highly recommended. Prices reasonable.Note: Google map shows wrong address. It is the next house, after you cross the side street (if coming from the west). There is a small volkswagon hanging in the entrance. Can't miss it.